Special Cheetah Experience
This is a unique and exclusive opportunity to meet one of our ambassador cheetahs and spend some time with him in our large recreation enclosure. During this time, our ambassador cheetah will be off lead at times for a unique photographic opportunity.   You will be accompanied by 2 handlers and back handlers will be available to provide information.  R 700 per person. Minimum of two people. Maximum of four people. Exclusive of entry. Adults only. During the summer this activity might only be available in the morning. The Special Cheetah Experience needs to be booked in advance
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Spend some quality time with one of our ambassador male cheetahs in a private area of the facility.  The VIP Cheetah Encounter offers the opportunity to be close to the cheetah and marvel at what an amazing animal the cheetah is. During this time, his handlers will provide information about cheetah conservation and our efforts in South Africa to conserve this amazing cat.  Also the handler will talk about the cheetah you are meeting; his background and his personality. In addition to the encounter you given a private tour of the facility.. This is a truly memorable experience. Children of all ages are able to participate. Booking well in advance is essential.  R4,400 per group (1-10 persons);  R5,000 (11-30 persons); R8,500 (31-45 persos). Fully inclusive of entry and tour.  inclusive of entry and tour. Booking You can book by sending an email to bookings@cheetah.co.za or call 082 623 9960 or 082 872 4007
VIP Private Cheetah Encounter
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