Alvin Lee, Adam Brown

Toronto Wildlife 2023

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Wildlife or wildlife refers to non-domesticated animal species; This includes all plants, fungi and other organisms that grow unrecognized by humans or live in the wild.


Wildlife can be found throughout the entire ecosystem. Deserts, forests, rainforests, plains, grasslands and other places including highly developed urban settlements. There are different forms of wildlife. While in popular culture the term usually refers to animals untouched by human factors,[2] many scientists admit that they are influenced by human factors.


Throughout history, people tend to move from wild life to civilized life in many ways, including legal, social and moral meanings. Some animals such as cats, dogs, mice and gerbils have adapted to suburban environments. Modern day activists protest the exploitation of wildlife for human benefit or for fun.

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2023-04-28 @ 01:30 AM to
2024-05-10 @ 07:00 AM

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