She was born on 1st September 2012 and after respectfully contributing on the making of several “hero dogs”, she finally gets the deserving rest in her older years. She came to Cheetah Outreach at the end of 2022 to be an Ambassador for the Livestock Guardian Program. 

Being also Juliet’s mother, she is dearly addressed by staff members and volunteers as “Mama Bear”.



He was born the 25th August 2017  and carries the Kangal gene.  Until recently he was one of the breeding dogs for the Anatolian Livestock Guardian Program. He came to Cheetah Outreach in the beginning of 2024 to be an Ambassador for the Dog Program.




Juliet was born at Cheetah Outreach on the 5th May 2015 to Garland and Morrison. She remained with Cheetah Outreach as an Ambassador of the Anatolian Livestock Guarding Dog Program, meeting the public in encounters and attending fund-raising events. In addition, she was raised alongside one of our cheetahs, Romeo.